Tradition and Culture

We are a new, experimental committee chaired by Ritch Yanowitz and Marin Greene. We are reimagining and reconsidering many of the ways we approach Jewish culture and tradition. We are working to make services more accessible (logistically and spiritually) for more people and taking innovative steps to connect BHSS congregants to Jewish practice and community.


BHSS members should request and will receive tickets that are specific to the morning service of their choice for the first day of Rosh HaShanah and for Yom Kippur. Non-members may attend our Rosh HaShanah Family Service, our Yom Kippur Family Service, and our Yom Kippur Yizkor service without a ticket. For more information call the office at 201-512-1983 it write to [email protected]. For dates and times of services that are open to the public, please check the calendar.


For family fun and learning about the fall holidays, click here.


As we join together during this High Holiday period, we will each walk away with a moment, a prayer, or even a feeling that perhaps impacted us and our whole being. Holidays past and holiday present stay with us. Here are what several congregants shared that they found to be memorable about past High Holidays.


Susan Reinstein: I have so many memories, but the best is attending the services with our son, daughter-in-law, and our grandchildren who became b’nei mitzvah at BHSS. So many memories from almost 50 years!

Harris Reinstein: I enjoyed teaching children to sound the Shofar.

Lisa Glick: My best memories are when our children, Michelle and Charles Glick, participated as shofar blowers during High Holiday services. They managed to last the longest in stamina as blowers, and both Kenny and I would beam with pride. We also enjoyed bringing Anita Glick to High Holiday services and see her smile as the choir sang or when I did my Yom Kippur Torah reading.

Marilyn Haberman: Irwin and I always enjoyed hosting family and friends for the High Holidays. A special memory was inviting guests to our home following Rosh Hashanah evening services. We alternated years with dear friends, one year here, next year there. We shared special sweet desserts to usher in a New Year. This tradition continued for many years. Shanah Tovah 5783

Lisa Lamster: All the services are special, but seeing congregants chanting Torah surrounded by their family is special to me.

Marilyn Taylor: I loved singing with the choir, and looking out over the congregation.

The Tradition and Culture Committee wishes all a Happy and Healthy New Year. May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life.

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