Beth Haverim and Reform Temple of Suffern-Shir Shalom

In October 1970 a small group of families responded to a notice in a local newspaper to become a part of a new Reform congregation in Bergen County, New Jersey.  In February 1971, twenty-two members adopted a constitution.  In August 1976, the community chose a Hebrew name, Beth Haverim, meaning “House of Friends.”

Reform Temple of Suffern-Shir Shalom was founded in 1971 with ten families from Rockland and Orange Counties in New York and Bergen County, NJ . The synagogue purchased its original building in 1976, and expanded to a new sanctuary which was completed in 1987. The building was expanded once again in 1993.

One Community:

Beth Haverim Shir Shalom: In the summer of 2007, the two congregations merged to become Beth Haverim Shir Shalom, and we are thriving.  From small beginnings we continue to grow as a House of Friends. From a modest start, we ever seek to be a Song of Peace.

Our Future:

Our future pays tribute to our past while embracing the changes we need to move forward. With so many ways to worship and learn, as well an abundance of events and committees, we strive to serve each member’s needs. Sharing, learning, giving, enjoying, we take all that Reform Judaism has to offer.