Why We Belong

From strength to strength, from RTOS to BHSS.  We have been energized by the warmth, caring, and spirituality.  We love being here.

“We joined BHSS to give our son a Jewish education. As it turned out, we were the ones who learned the most. I took advantage of the excellent classes offered by Lifelong Learning, studied Hebrew with the director of education and the rabbi, learned to incorporate ritual practices into our home and the importance of tikkun olam. My husband discovered a love for Jewish music, both for services and contemporary artists. The cantor inspired him to join the choir. It’s the best part of his week. We also learned a very valuable lesson; in times of need you have a community behind you. They care, they call and they even bring soup!”

“We are members because we believe we have found the MOST AMAZING temple! Spirituality and spirit are at its core. We learn here, enjoy music and have friendships.”

“I joined BHSS during the most difficult period of my life. I gained support, new friends, a sense of belonging, etc. I am very happy, thankful and blessed.”

Our family has found BHSS to be a very warm and welcoming place where the members are approachable and feel like extended family.  The rabbi and staff, as well as the school, do an amazing job keeping the Jewish experience real and relevant.  Our family has special needs and BHSS has helped us and continue to support us with whatever we need.

“I love BHSS because it is like a second home to me. The staff and people here treat you like family!”

“As an immigrant to this country, the warmth and welcome of the community and the ability to worship alongside my non-Jewish husband drew us to BHSS. 25 years have passed and this synagogue has become my family.”

“I love the educational, theological and caring philosophy of BHSS. People are REAL, wonderful, invested and involved in the life of our congregation.”

“We joined BHSS because we felt welcomed and didn’t feel as if we had to fit some pre-designated mold of “Jewish” but could instead be ourselves and be accepted. The experiences are meaningful, the clergy is top-notch and we feel connected to an incredible community.”

“I belong because BHSS is a place that wants to be a part of making the world a more righteous place.”

“As a member of an interfaith family, we have been so welcomed and accepted at BHSS.”

“We joined BHSS because we have kids who we wanted to have a connection with their Jewish community. We stayed (and became more involved) because BHSS is a warm, welcoming, child-friendly congregation that encourages members to become more involved in all aspects of the community. The clergy are wonderful both spiritually and personally. It is a wonderful place to belong.”

“We belonged to another synagogue for a year. We felt more welcomed at BHSS and like the Reform culture. We also joined BHSS for the Family School opportunity. We like the rabbi and enjoy coming to school here.”