Sisterhood meets on the second Monday of each month, and you are welcome to join us with your ideas and enthusiasm. We grow and prosper—together.

“True sisterhood allows us to see the best of who we are in the eyes of another woman.”

Here’s what we did this past fall and early winter…

Miriam Seder


High Holidays Honey Sale
Sangria in the Sukkah
Girls’ Night Out
Maccabeats Show
Pickleball with Brotherhood

Upcoming events for winter and spring…

Beat the Blues Wellness Event
Sisterhood Shabbat
Miriam Seder
Doo Wop Group Concert
Installation Dinner

“Sister: someone who listens when you talk, laughs when you laugh, and holds your hand when you cry.”

This is not your mother’s Sisterhood…

We are:

  • Active, Social, and Fun
  • Jewish women coming together for friendship, support, and learning
  • Serving our congregation and the community

Sisterhood proudly:

  • Purchased new BHSS Religious School desks and chairs
  • Delivers challahs for new members
  • Supports local soup kitchen and food pantry
  • Hosts the popular annual Miriam Seder

Previous years’ highlights included…

  • Challah Make, Bake, and Take
  • Broadway Show-“Just for Us”
  • Author Day with A.M. Grotticellit
  • Kindness Chain
  • Self-Defense with Cindy
  • Paint Party
  • Havdalah and Wine Tasting
  • Mah Jongg Pool Party

Who has the extra time to take part in Sisterhood?  You do!  And here’s why:

To call another woman a sister is to say, “I trust you,” “I have your back,” “Your feelings are valid” and “I believe in you.” One of the greatest benefits of sisterhood is the ability to share your thoughts and feelings – to be your honest, authentic self. In sisterhood we find each other to connect and to share resources. When women empower one another, the entire community is empowered. Our sisterhood is our tribe, and each of us is gifted with something unique, our own arsenal of knowledge, skills, and “weapons” to assist us in our mission. The women of the sisterhood are intergenerational and diverse in what we do, how we think, and who we are. We groom each other (and our daughters) to become empowered “superwomen.”  – From “5 Reasons Why Sisterhood is Important” (Angela D. Coleman)

You have gifts you can share, as we all do.  Who can’t use an extra gift?  Please become a part of the tribe.

Join now for reduced event rates throughout the year!
$25.00 – First Time Sisterhood Member
$45.00 – Regular Membership
$75.00 – Patron
$100.00 – Benefactor

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Sangria Master Extraordinaire Amy Littman

We had fun just getting ready!

We had beautiful fall weather – sangria is good in ANY season!






We can ALWAYS take time to sit and chat!

Cindy shows us how to play!

A great Hanukkah event for everyone!