Community Garden

Calling All Gardeners!


Our Community Garden was a great success this year! We grew tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, celery, corn, and cantaloupe. Our donations were harvested and brought to area food banks and soup kitchens, where these donations were sometimes the only source of fresh produce.

Our efforts were slightly hampered by hot, dry weather, rogue wild morning glories, and weeds, however, our hearty band of volunteers kept working!

Thanks go out to everyone who helped this season by delivering and spreading mulch, coordinating the watering, and taking care of all the communications – and thanks to all of our “farmers” who cultivated their beds!

If you would like to volunteer next season, please contact the BHHS office.

See you in the garden and thank you for all your support!


It was hot but our garden is planted for the 2022 season!