The president of Beth Haverim Shir Shalom is Dr. Jennifer Cole.   You can contact her at [email protected].

I am honored to once again serve as president of Beth Haverim Shir Shalom.

When my husband Matt and I made the decision to become members in 2004, we joined primarily to provide our children with a Jewish education.  Finding a spiritual home for ourselves was not really in our thoughts, but in the 14 years that followed this synagogue has come to mean so much to us.  The people within this building have been there to support our family in our everyday life as well as during times of our greatest joys and deepest sorrows.

Getting involved in the leadership of BHSS has never felt like a burden, but a blessing.  I look forward to serving this year as we continue to navigate our rabbinic transition and excitedly welcome our new spiritual leader, Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman.

It remains our mission at BHSS to be a spiritual, intellectual, and cultural center for our membership by creating worship and musical experiences that appeal to mind, heart, and soul; offering support at all life cycle events; providing meaningful education to members of all ages; producing programs which cultivate friendship, warmth, and kindness; fostering connections to the larger Jewish community as well as to people of other faiths; pursuing social justice; and perhaps most importantly, simply caring for one another.

If you are reading this as a prospective member, I hope you will take the time to explore and learn about all the BHSS has to offer. I encourage you to come visit and meet Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman, Cantor David Perper, Director of Education Rebecca McVeigh and our Administrative Staff Iris Greenberg and Lisa Barrack.  Our clergy and staff are the heart and soul of our congregation who go above and beyond each and every day to ensure that BHSS continues to thrive as a vibrant, welcoming community.  Feel free to reach out to me or any of our trustees or officers using the links below.


Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman [email protected]
Cantor David Perper [email protected]
Director of Education Rebecca McVeigh [email protected]
Administrator, Iris Greenberg [email protected]
Administrative Assistant, Lisa Barrack [email protected]
President Jennifer Cole [email protected]
Past President Nancy Levene [email protected]
Vice President Gary Buchalter [email protected]
Vice President Deborah Klein [email protected]
Vice President Judy Teich [email protected]
Treasurer Mitch Miller [email protected]
Assistant Treasurer Aldine Rostolder [email protected]
Secretary Harvey Weinberg [email protected]
Trustee, Elisa Bruckner [email protected]
Trustee, Debbie Falkow [email protected]
Trustee, Stacey Coyne [email protected]
Trustee, Michelle Sherry [email protected]
Trustee, Linda Schwartz [email protected]
Trustee, Lorraine Orlick [email protected]
Sisterhood Co-President Leslie Sapienza [email protected]
Sisterhood Co-President Sheryl Thailer [email protected]
Brotherhood [email protected]
Michelle Mitzvah Group President Steve Simon [email protected]
Dirs. of Informal Youth Programming Brittany & Aaron Punim [email protected]
Senior Youth Group co-President Jessica Lamster [email protected]
Senior Youth Group co-President Logan Buchalter [email protected]
Building and Grounds Committee Chair, Harris Reinstein [email protected]
Caring Committee Co-Chair, Candy Kassover [email protected]
Caring Committee Co-Chair, Laura Miller [email protected]
Communications Committee Chair, Lisa Lamster [email protected]
Education Committee Chair, Lauren Einhorn [email protected]
Endowment Committee Chair, Harvey Weinberg [email protected]
Library Committee Co-Chair, Sheryl Ives [email protected]
Library Committee Co-Chair, Ruth Turner [email protected]
Life Long Learning Co-Chair, Lori Yanowitz [email protected]
Life Long Learning Co-Chair, Nancy Levene [email protected]
Membership Committee Chair, Stacey Coyne [email protected]
Music Committee Chair, Nora Berger [email protected]
Outreach Committee Chair, Jane Young [email protected]
Ritual Committee Co-Chair, Debbie Royal [email protected]
Ritual Committee Co-Chair, Judy Teich [email protected]
Social Action Committee Chair, Whitney Speer [email protected]