The president of Beth Haverim Shir Shalom is Judy Teich.   You can contact her at [email protected].

I am delighted and honored to be beginning my term as president of this wonderful community that many of us call our second home, Beth Haverim Shir Shalom.

At BHSS we experience the richness of a multi-generational community that embraces all who enter our synagogue, including interfaith and LGBTQI families, and anyone looking for spiritual tranquility and sanctuary when the world gets too complicated and we just need to find a place for peace and acceptance.

Why have I chosen to serve BHSS as president? My Jewish roots are strong. Temple life and being Jewish has always been important to me. I grew up at a Reform temple in Rockland County. In high school I was a member of Young Judaea. When my kids were young, my family joined Reform Temple of Suffern Shir Shalom and I quickly became involved in leadership. I even taught Hebrew school! At BHSS, I met my partner Lois.

My involvement in Jewish life has enriched my life in countless ways!
I am grateful to be a member of BHSS. We are fortunate to have incredible clergy to guide us and a terrific staff of individuals that keep our synagogue humming. Our community is dedicated to the never-ending process of Jewish learning, repairing the world and spiritual fulfillment.

So join us and find me. I would love to learn about your why.

May we go from strength to strength.

Read Judy’s latest article in Temple Topics here, or read the entire bulletin here.


Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman [email protected]
Cantor Josh Finkel [email protected]
Director of Education Rebecca McVeigh [email protected]
Executive Director, Iris Greenberg [email protected]
Administrative Assistant, Michelle Sherry [email protected]
President Judy Teich [email protected]
Past President Jennifer Cole [email protected]
Vice President Gary Buchalter [email protected]
Vice President Deborah Klein [email protected]
Vice President Linda Schwartz [email protected]
Treasurer Aldine Rostolder [email protected]
Assistant Treasurer Harvey Weinberg [email protected]
Secretary Ronald Mandler [email protected]
Trustee, Andy Silver [email protected]
Trustee, Stacey Coyne [email protected]
Trustee, Renee Garbus [email protected]
Trustee, Lorraine Orlick [email protected]
Trustee, Yair Kissin [email protected]
Trustee, Jana Defrino [email protected]
Sisterhood Co-President Mona Sussman [email protected]
Sisterhood Co-President Linda Vogel [email protected]
Brotherhood [email protected]
Michelle Mitzvah Group President Steve Simon [email protected]
Dir of Informal Youth Programming Samantha Spencer [email protected]
Dir of Informal Youth Programming Rebeca Berger [email protected]
Senior Youth Group co-President Tai Weiss [email protected]
Senior Youth Group co-President Jason Ritchin [email protected]
Building & Grounds, Harris Reinstein [email protected]
Caring, Co-Chair, Audrey Flynn [email protected]
Caring, Co-Chair, Laura Miller [email protected]
Communications, Chair, Lisa Lamster [email protected]
Education, Chair, Lauren Einhorn [email protected]
Endowment, Chair, Harvey Weinberg [email protected]
Library, Co-Chair, Ruth Turner [email protected]
Library, Co-Chair, Jane Simon [email protected]
Library, Co-Chair, Sheryl Ives [email protected]
Lifelong Learning, Co- Chair, Lori Yanowitz [email protected]
Lifelong Learning, Co- Chair, Nancy Levene [email protected]
Membership, Co- Chair, Michelle Gilbert [email protected]
Membership, Co-Chair, Lauren Theodore [email protected]
Music, Chair, Nora Berger [email protected]
Outreach, Chair, Jane Young [email protected]
Ritual, Co-Chair, Amy Littman [email protected]
Ritual, Co-Chair, Nancy Levene [email protected]
Social Action, Co-Chair, Jonathan Theodore [email protected]
Social Action, Co-Chair, Lisa Estrin [email protected]