The president of Beth Haverim Shir Shalom is Linda Ellman Schwartz

I am looking forward to my role as president of BHSS. When my husband David and I and our then young children joined in 2009, we were excited to find a warm, down to earth congregation for our family. BHSS became a place where we, and our children knew that we would be embraced and supported to grow, learn and explore in our own unique ways. And that applied to our kids and us as adults! The four of us have our own versions of what BHSS means to us, but without question, we all feel a welcome love and support that is sometimes hard to find in this crazy world.

Over the years I have been involved in many different ways. I have always been impressed at the ways our community is engaged and all that is done to help others. There is always something going on. The enthusiasm for Tikkun Olam and the genuine kind-hearted,  earnest ways that people find to help others has really inspired me. People seem to find their strengths and the way they can be used to make a difference and don’t hesitate from there. The spirit of helping, regardless of how you are helping is what I love most about being here.

I am hoping that everyone who enters the doors at BHSS feels welcome and finds their unique way to participate. I encourage you to please share ideas that you may have about things you would like to see us do, by sending an email to me at [email protected].

I look forward to a great year and spending in-person time with all of you!!

Feel free to reach out to me or any of our trustees or officers using the links below.



Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman [email protected]
Rosh Shirah, Brian Gelfand [email protected]
Jane Koch, Choir Director/Musician [email protected]


Executive Director, Iris Greenberg [email protected]
Director of Education, Rebecca McVeigh [email protected]
Administrative Assistant, Michelle Sherry [email protected]
Religious School Assistant, Laura Miller [email protected]
Dir.of Youth Programming, Samantha Spencer [email protected]


President, Linda Ellman Schwartz [email protected]
Past President, Jen Cole [email protected]
Vice President, Lauren Theodore [email protected]
Vice President, Andrew Silver [email protected]
Vice President, Larry Palant [email protected]
Treasure, Alexia Feldman  [email protected]
Assistant Treasurer, Harvey Weinberg [email protected]
Secretary, Donna Kotz [email protected]


Trustee, David Aarons [email protected]
Trustee, Jana Defrino [email protected]
Trustee, Field Brussel [email protected]
Trustee, Cheryl Franklin [email protected]
Trustee, Jann Reissman [email protected]
Trustee, Dana Weeks [email protected]


Building & Grounds, Harris Reinstein [email protected]
Caring, Audrey Flynn [email protected]
Caring, Laura Miller [email protected]
Communications, Lisa Lamster [email protected]
Education, Ronni Seif [email protected]
Endowment, Harvey Weinberg [email protected]
Library, Sheryl Ives [email protected]
Lifelong Learning, Lori Yanowitz [email protected]
Membership, Michelle Gilbert [email protected]
Membership, Lauren Theodore [email protected]
Music, Nora Berger [email protected]
Social Action, Lisa Estrin [email protected]
Social Action, Jonathan Theodore [email protected]
Tradition & Culture, Marin Greene [email protected]
Tradition & Culture, Ritch Yanowitz [email protected]
Brotherhood, Jonathan Theodore [email protected]
Sisterhood, Stacey Coyne [email protected]
Sisterhood, Linda Vogel [email protected]
Michelle Mitzvah Group, Steve Simon [email protected]
Youth Group Pres., Annabel Theodore [email protected]