Practice Page

For Parents and Students:

Below you will find recordings of prayers and blessings that a student may need for practice purposes.  We encourage parents to listen to their children practice; even if you yourself do not read Hebrew, you will be able to hear if your child is struggling with pronunciation or smooth chanting by listening to the recording.  Also, you can download these files to a device of your choosing, giving you many more options for practice times/locations.

When you click on the name of the prayer or blessing, you should see the following screen and the recording should start immediately.  If it does not, click on the triangle that will appear instead of the “pause” button (the two vertical lines):

If you wish to download the file for use on another device, choose the underlined arrow on the far right of your screen (currently this is not an option for Apple devices) and save the file.

List of Prayers and Blessings 

Friday Night Kiddush


Avot v’Imahot


Before Reading of Torah

After Reading of Torah

Before Reading of Haftarah

After Reading of Haftarah