BHSS Mitzvah Run, Walk or Stroll


This is not a race. Participants can begin any time after 9 am, and the course will close at 2 pm. To maintain social distancing, we will stagger participants’ start times to constrain the number on the 1/3 mile track around our BHSS property. Runners will run on the inside of the track, and all others will be on the outside to maintain separation.  If we reach our capacity on the track, new entrants will wait until someone comes off. If someone exits to rest, she/he can resume when space is available. Masks will be required of everyone on BHSS property (participants and supporters) with the sole exception of runners while on the track.  Temperatures will be taken as all enter the track. Bring your own drinks and snacks as none will be provided.

 Participants can sponsor themselves, and seek other sponsors, such as relatives and friends. (Simply forward this announcement to your aunts, uncles and other relatives, and ask them to complete the sponsor form included herein). Sponsors can sponsor multiple participants at 18 cents to $18 per lap.  An honor system will govern laps completed, and you may choose to bring a device to count your laps; or put a bunch of M&Ms in your right pocket and move one to your left pocket as you complete each lap!

Individuals already signed up to participate, and available to be sponsored, include: Rabbi Ilana and Sabine, Cantor Josh, Iris Greenberg, Michelle Sherry, Rebecca McVeigh and Roberto to complete the BHSS professional team. Plus Rebeca Berger and Sam Spencer, our Youth Directors who will lead their groups; and several members including Marc Daniel, Michelle Gilbert, Andy Schechter, Harvey Weinberg, Lauren Theodore, Ranan Wichler, and Julie and Adam Kaufman.

Parking will be available on a limited basis on the synagogue grounds. The security guard will direct you to park either at the synagogue, or across the street at the Hindu Samaj at 247 West Ramapo Avenue. If so, please be careful as you cross Ramapo Valley Road.

The synagogue bathrooms will be accessible.

Supporters can watch from the grass in the circle in front of our main entrance.

Please complete the application (link below)  to participate as a runner or walker, or to be a sponsor. If you are able, please complete the form on-line and submit it electronically; alternatively, you can print the form and complete it by hand and then email or deliver it to BHSS; or you can call the office and we will take your application information over the phone—whatever is easiest for you!

If you will participate or want to sponsor a participant, please click to REGISTER.

If you are completing the form by hand, please drop it off at BHSS, fax it to 201-512-1586, or scan or take a photo and email it to [email protected]

If you have any further questions, please contact Harvey Weinberg at [email protected] or call the synagogue office at 201 512 1983.