Communications Guidelines


Submissions are due the 1st of the month as follows: August 1 for the September/October issue, October 1 for the November/December issue, December 1 for the January/February issue, February 1 for the March/April issue, and April 1 for the May/June issue. Late submissions may be included at the editors’ discretion. All submissions must be sent to the entire Temple Topics (TT) creation team (Ellen Mass: [email protected]; Rebecca McVeigh: [email protected]; Michelle Sherry: [email protected]; and Iris Greenberg: [email protected]).

TT submissions are to come through a designated committee person, whose email address should be submitted to the TT committee.  Any other submission needs approval from the TT committee, executive director, rabbi or cantor.  Articles may be edited for grammar, spelling, length and/or content if required.

If a committee has submitted a full-page flyer, the event must be within two months unless prior approval has been granted. Otherwise flyers may be resized to fit the available space. (If desired, flyers can be put on the website earlier.) It is preferred that all submissions are in Word or email (PDF format is acceptable if it is a form or needs special formatting).

Temple Topics is printed in black and white.  Some photos and clip art may need to be modified to print well.  Please submit clip art or photos as attachments if there is any question.


The website is updated regularly; however, specific committee web pages can also be updated by sending information to the webmaster.  Calendar listings will be included in our online calendar and also on the relevant committee’s page.  Full-page flyers can be included as well.

Photos from synagogue events are always welcome. Please contact Rebecca McVeigh for submission instructions.


BHSS e-mail bulletins are used solely to list upcoming synagogue-wide events and general interest announcements, not committee meetings and times. Committee listings can be posted on the calendar page of the website. All email bulletin listings will be in date order and must be concise.  Links to the website are recommended.

All requested email info should be emailed to [email protected]. If a link to the website is needed, please also email the information to Rebecca McVeigh. Information must be submitted by Tuesdays at noon for inclusion in that week’s email, which is generally sent on Wednesdays.


Congregation-wide mailings via the U.S. Postal Service, other than for synagogue business, are generally not allowed. For more information, please contact Iris Greenberg in the office (201-512-1983).


There are separate bulletin boards for community events and BHSS events.  There are also bulletin boards in the school wing that are just for youth and student events.

Brochures or postcards that promote members’ own functions MUST have some association with BHSS, and then they may be placed on the community bulletin board. Please check with the office or educator before posting anything. Posters or flyers may be taken down at the discretion of the communications committee.


Please remember that in order for a flyer to be eligible for school distribution, it must:

Promote or advertise an activity that pertains directly to the students,
Have been approved by the educator,
Have been reproduced and counted out, by classroom and grade, by the organization which produces it,
Be received by the religious school office AT LEAST one week before it is scheduled to be distributed.


NO membership listing or e-mail listing may be used for the purpose of any solicitation under any circumstances.

Our policy is not to promote (other than flyers posted on synagogue bulletin boards, at the discretion of the Communications Committee) non-paid advertising for programs other than those sponsored by the URJ.


Wondering how to spell a Hebrew word in English? Click here for the URJ Transliteration Guide.