Center for Food Action

The Center for Food Action had a truck parked at BHSS for the entire fun-filled Purim weekend. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Michelle Mitzvah Group, the Senior Youth Group, Sisterhood and Brotherhood, we had a large turnout for all the events and collected over 100 bags of food. This brought the total collected toward our goal of 1,000 bags by the fast-approaching Rosh Hashanah holiday to 775. Let’s not lose sight of this goal in the coming weeks, especially since during the summer months the CFA always has a tough time servicing area families in need of assistance.

Thank you so much for your support!

The Center for Food Action (CFA) – Mahwah, NJ

People are amazed when we tell them that there is an organization with an office right here in Mahwah that helps feed over 40,000 of our Bergen County neighbors. For years, Beth Haverim Shir Shalom has done whatever we can to support this effort. During the High Holidays, BHSS congregants fill up CFA trucks parked right in front of our doors. Just inside the temple entrances are large baskets that we try to keep filled year round with food donations, and our religious school asks bar and bat mitzvah families to encourage their guests to bring bags of food to the synagogue on their very special day.

For the past several years the list of our neighbors requiring food assistance has grown alarmingly, and we have promised the CFA that we will help them as much as we can during this time of need. So, during our September 2012 holidays, we will launch a drive to collect 1,000 bags of food in the coming year. We are confident that this is a realistic goal and one that we can meet and even surpass if we all make the effort. There will be posters at the front and back entrances of the temple that will be updated weekly to show the progress we have made toward meeting our goal.

CFA would also welcome food gift cards for those who would prefer helping this way, and you can make it a double-mitzvah by purchasing gift cards through our temple office. In addition, the Michelle Mitzvah Group has pledged $250 to the CFA, payable the day the 1,000 bag goal is reached. Several anonymous donors have also made similar pledges. Let’s really pull together and show what our “Family of Friends” can do when we put our hearts and minds to accomplishing this goal.

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