Audacious Hospitality

Audacious Hospitality (formerly Outreach and Synagogue Community)

Do you know someone who is (or who is thinking of) converting to Judaism?  Click here to find an article will help you understand what to do AND what not to do to be a valuable resource to them.

Beth Haverim Shir Shalom is known for its friendly atmosphere and welcoming attitude.

Our Outreach Committee is committed to reaching out both to our members and those who might be looking for a spiritual home. Since 1978, when Reform Jewish Outreach pioneered a message and program of welcome to Jews-by-choice and interfaith families, the North American Jewish landscape has changed dramatically. These individuals and families are now an integral part of a far more diverse Jewish community.  All Jews—young, old, and in between— and their families including new Jews, seekers, Jews of color, gay and lesbian individuals and blended families find a welcoming home in Reform Jewish congregations. Honoring differences while creating a cohesive community calls for an all-embracing approach that offers many different kinds of programs and entry points within each congregation.

The Department of Outreach and Synagogue Community of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) offers programs and varied resources to enable congregations to succeed in welcoming a diversity of Jews and their families, and facilitates each congregation’s growth toward its own unique expression of a sacred community.

Like the URJ’s Department of Outreach and Synagogue Community, Beth Haverim’s Outreach Committee will strive to ensure that every voice is heard and we will actively work to create new programs to provide welcoming, inclusive and meaningful Jewish experiences in our rich, engaging Jewish community.

Jane Young, Chair

To find out more about the work of the Outreach Committee, write Jane Young.