Board of Trustees

Email any of our trustees or officers using the links below:


Rabbi Barry Diamond   [email protected]
Cantor David Perper     [email protected]
Educator/Rel. School Principal Rebecca McVeigh    [email protected]
President Nancy Levene     [email protected]
Past President Jennifer Cole   [email protected]
Vice President Corey Mitnick      [email protected]
Vice President Douglas Wright [email protected]
Vice President Judy Teich [email protected]
Treasurer Mitch Miller [email protected]
Assistant Treasurer Aldine Rostolder      [email protected]
Secretary Harvey Weinberg    [email protected]
Trustee, Stacey Coyne   [email protected]
Trustee, Debbie Falkow    [email protected]
Trustee, Deborah Klein     [email protected]
Trustee, Paul Lipson    [email protected]
Trustee, Linda Schwartz   [email protected]
Trustee, Lorraine Orlick  [email protected]
Sisterhood  Co-President  Lisa Lamster    [email protected]
Sisterhood  Co-President  Gail Spencer    [email protected]
Brotherhood President Jonathan Theodore    [email protected]
Michelle Mitzvah Group President Ilyse Smith    [email protected]
Director of Informal Youth Programming Brittany Silverman   [email protected]
Senior Youth Group President Sophie Pavon
Life Long Learning Co-Chair, Leslie Sapienza    [email protected]
Life Long Learning Co-Chair, Beth Dubiel    [email protected]
Building and Grounds Committee Co-Chair, Jim Dubroff    [email protected]
Building and Grounds Committee Co-Chair, Harris Reinstein    [email protected]
Caring Committee Co-Chair, Candy Kassover    [email protected]
Caring Committee Co-Chair, Laura Miller   [email protected]
Communications Committee Chair, Lisa Lamster    [email protected]
Education Committee Chair, Lauren Einhorn    [email protected]
Endowment Committee Chair, Harvey Weinberg    [email protected]
Library Committee Co-Chair, Sheryl Ives    [email protected]
Library Committee Co-Chair, Ruth Turner    [email protected]
Membership Committee Chair, Stacey Coyne   [email protected]
Music Committee Chair, Nora Berger    [email protected]
Outreach Committee Chair, Jane Young    [email protected]
Ritual Committee Co-Chair, Debbie Royal    [email protected]
Ritual Committee Co-Chair, Judy Teich    [email protected]
Social Action Committee Chair, Whitney Speer   [email protected]